From Turkey With Love is founded in 2011 by Eva. 
Eva started working on a production department in the head office of a fashion brand, after her study Textiles and Management. After 6 years she had developed a love for many different fabrics. Travelling to India, Hong Kong, China and Turkey inspired her to go and do something with products that these beautiful countries offer. What started as an extra job in the weekends and evenings, is now Eva's fulltime job! 

Enchanted by the beautiful colors of the overdyed carpets in Turkey, we decided to import some of these authentic rugs. Eva started with only 15 carpets, but FTWL grew really quick. By travelling to Turkey very frequently, we are able to find the most extraordinary carpets. This made that our collection is now expanded with many sorts of carpets and accessories. Turkey has so much to offer! We select each piece that we buy personally, so we can offer only the most beautiful pieces in our FTWL online shop and can be viewed in our showroom in Haarlem. 

Once they were beautiful Anatolian carpets, but due to years of intensive use, they got a bit worn off. In stead of just replacing them by new ones, they started to recycle them. 

Throughout the whole country the Turkish people started gathering the old rugs, to treat them. These old carpets which are between 50 and 80 years old, undergo the overdying process.

They start with a thorough cleanse and an equal shave. This to get a nice pile hight, since some parts have become shorter. This also makes the bleaching and overdying much easier. To bleach them they get treated with a special formula, to take out the color, but not to damage the fibres. Putting them in the sun for a couple of days helps the process. After that they get cleaned again and they are put in a color bath. They brush in the new color and holes and edges get repaired. A last wash and they are ready to go!