A kilim is a handwoven rug without a pile. Usually the patterns are geometric, except for these in a rosekilim. As the name already says; these kilims have the most beautiful flower patterns. These vintage kilims are heavy woven rugs with a cotton warp and a woof of 100% wool. In the woof the patterns get visible. Because of the use of color in the original rug, the dyed piece gets beautiful tones after dyeing.

They are bleached and overdyed again. Age is around 25 years, so sometimes show some signs of use.

When putting them on the floor as a carpet, you would have to keep in mind that they will never lay totally flat. We advise a thin felt underlayment to avoid the carpet to move. These kilims are also very suitable as a grand foulard on you couch, or to put on your bed as a bedspread.